Val Roca Management Inc. understands that the financial & administrative responsibilities associated with the management of a condominium corporation can be overwhelming and time consuming for the Board of Directors.

Our goal is to provide the Board of Directors with various strategies in order to enhance the market value of the units within the condominium corporation. Reviewing the overall operating plan and improving the property appearance while keeping operating costs as low as possible will contribute to achieve this goal.

Client Base

condosVal Roca Management offers professional property, project and financial management services.

Our clients include:
    Residential Condominiums
    Commercial Condominiums
•    Strip Plazas
    Medical and Professional Centres
    Office Buildings

Property and Project Management

Our company’s expertise in the organizational, financial, technical and administrative areas is based on a wide range of abilities and experienced management of various contracts and extensive projects, including the maintenance and repair of corporations’ assets and the resolution of various issues in respect to the legal requirements of the Condominium Act, 1998. As a result, our reputation for delivering professional and higher standards of property management and project services has been recognized in the industry.

Quality Services

Val Roca Management takes pride in the buildings we manage.
Val Roca’s services and business relationships remain personalized.
Val Roca Management has developed strong relationships with quality vendors in the National Capital Region.

As a result, Val Roca offers on-call services to all of its clients 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

Technical Skills

Val Roca Management has acquired hands-on real-life property management experience, and has developed a strong understanding of the technical requirements of condominium management. In addition to its practical experience, Val Roca staff is highly accredited.

Financial Management

Track Record of Fiscal Management

Val Roca Management employs a detailed RFP process with its vendors to ensure that its clients receive the most for their dollar. Given the extensive financial expertise of our management team, Val Roca has developed strong processes for cost controls.

Detailed Financial Statements & Reporting

Val Roca Management is extremely particular in the quality of the financial information produced. Great effort is taken to ensure that its financial statements and reports are produced in a timely, accurate, and complete manner.

End-to-End Professional Services

Val Roca Management has unique expertise in the areas of investment management, property tax consulting, tax consulting, banking, and project management for complex renovation and upgrade projects.

Our experts offer a wealth of services in Property, Project and Financial Management.