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Nancy Bouillon

Nancy Bouillon

Owner and Senior Property Manager

As a solution-oriented manager, holder of a master degree in Project Management, with extensive experience in high rise buildings and high end property management, Nancy is primarily responsible to assist the Board of Directors in the overall management of the condominium corporation and coordinates all aspects of the condominium management services.

Fluent in both official languages, Nancy is proficient in written reports and various correspondences whether in English or French. As an experienced property and project manager, Nancy can plan, organize and supervise various projects for the renovation of internal and external common elements, such as window and door replacement, elevator modernization, balcony repairs, cladding repairs, roof replacement, roof top mechanical replacement and complete interior refurbishment from the identification, justification, tender process, contract negotiation to the satisfied funding requirements of the renovation projects.

Highly knowledgeable of the Condominium Act, 1998 and its various requirements, Nancy provides advice for the optimal management of the affairs of the corporation. Amongst her previous assignments, she was the exclusive manager of the three Riviera’s condominium corporations, its recreational Centre, both 90 George residential condominium and commercial spaces and now the 700 Sussex residential condominium and shared services with the retail spaces.

Christine Jodoin

Christine Jodoin


Colleen McRae

Property Manager

Business Affiliates

In addition to our in-house team, we have an extensive support network of engineering firms, contractors and tradesmen who work seamlessly with us to keep the condominium properties under our management in peak condition.  Our Business Affiliates are qualified companies successful upon our evaluation for quality versus cost value, reliability and deliverability and come with experienced and knowledgeable individuals capable of troubleshooting, addressing building issues and coordinating renovation and repairs while maintaining the on-site safety in accordance with the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.